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Lynette Romero & David Angulo
“Moses Sparks captured the moments that mattered most on our wedding day. We have so many beautiful memories, but the wonderful thing is that he caught almost every one of those moments on film. So now, we have the memories in our hearts and minds...and the amazing pictures to tell the story. He promised us that he would try to be everywhere, snapping as many pictures as possible. He was.

Cindy Filiatrault & Brendan Wolfe

“ We looked for a long time to find the right wedding photographer, and from the first conversation we had with you it was clear our search was over. With such a small, intimate celebration planned, it was highly important to us to have a photographer who would feel like a guest.

Mindy Covely & Mike Nieland

“In choosing Moses to photograph our wedding, we wanted someone who was not your "traditional" photographer - we didn't want our wedding photos to have that generic posed look. I love the journalistic approach he took with our wedding. He captured so many moments - from the kids playing, the dancing, to all of our guests enjoying the day. I never noticed him throughout the ceremony or reception, yet he took over 400 pictures!

  Shauna LeVeque & Dave Lodgen
“As everyone knows, the wedding day is one of the most important of your life, so choosing someone to document it was one of our biggest (and most stressful!) issues to deal with. After speaking with many of our friends and getting referrals, we found Moses. His personality and experience immediately put us at ease and inspired confidence that we had found the right photographer.

  Katy Diehl & Frank Salinas
"We were so honored to have you as our photographer at our wedding. We appreciate so much how comfortable you made everyone feel while having their pictures taken, and with everyone at ease, their smiles are priceless. You truly captured the joy and happiness of our day and we look forward to showing off our pictures for years to come!"
  Vinson & Marisa Vanevenhoven
“Moses Sparks is truly a professional photographer. I originally met Moses when he was referred to us by the facility where we got married. Immediately upon our meeting, we absolutely loved his professionalism, talent and personality. I cannot explain how satisfied I was with the work he did for our wedding. Even with 350 people there Moses was able to photograph every aspect of our wedding.
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